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Murbella & Edrik

Edrik (upper right), meeting with Murbella, of the New Sisterhood, with Guild Administrator Gorus (lower left) and aides (kneeling).

Edrik was a Spacing Guild Navigator who assumed the role of leadership over his fellow Steersman, as the time of Kralizec came to fruition.

Helping the Matres and the New SisterhoodEdit

As Murbella cemented her grip over the flow of spice, the Guild found itself increasingly desperate to the near blackmail that the New Sisterhood held over melange. Murbella wanted the Guild to ferry raw materials and workers to the shipyards of Richese and Ix at a discounted rate, and would only give the Guild enough melange for their basic services and needs.

Edrik and the Guild's Chief Administrator Gorus paid a visit to Chapterhouse to convince Murbella increase their spice allotment. With the counsel of Bellonda and Doria, Murbella chose to show the Guild a "tough line", much to Edrik's dismay. This caused Edrik to seek the influence of the Guild's guiding patron saint and founder, the Oracle of Time/Norma Cenva. Upon communing with the Oracle, Edrik was warned that his over-concern for spice was not paramount, as the beginning of the "battle of battles" was about to begin.

Edrik found himself involved deeply in the politics between the rebel Honored Matres factions and the New Sisterhood leadership. Edrik himself transported the Matre ships and super-weapon Obliterators to the skies over Richese, for the Matre leader Hellica to destroy and reduce their star-ship foundries to charred slag. Angered, Murbella forced Edrik to transport all of her entire Valkyries para-military army units, and Sisterhood starships to Hellica's base planet, Tleilax, for Murbella's counter-attack. So successful was this counter-attack that Bandalong, Hellica's capital, was reduced to rubble and the rebel Matres threat ended forever.

Waff and UltraspiceEdit

Out of the rubble came the final ghola incarnation of Tylwyth Waff, whom Edrik had ordered incarnated years earlier. It was hoped that the reborn Tleilaxu Master would remember the secret of producing melange in an axlotl tank. Waff could not remember that process, but upon meeting Edrik safely aboard his heighliner in the Thalim system, Waff told Edrik he could produce a new variance of worm that would be water resistant.

Over the next 4 years, Edrik learned of the great fracture within the Guild, as the Administrator branch of the organization was un-beknowingly under the fell influence of Enhanced Face Dancers. Their leader, Khrone, in a guise as an Ixian researcher, had persuaded the Administrators to kill their guild-ship Navigators, and replace them with Ixian Mathematical compilers. Edrik watched again and again, as one Navigator after another was killed, and replaced with the infernal machine.

Concurrently, Waff's experiments worked much better than expected. Not only was Waff able to perfect a synthetic worm, but the variation that he created, the seaworm, raised in the oceans of Buzzell, produced a potent variant of melange, dubbed Ultraspice. Waff's only payment was that he was dropped off on the ruined planet of Rakis, with his own experiment of armor-covered worms.

Once Edrik dropped Waff and his expedition team off on Dune, Edrik raced to space to quickly attend a meeting the Oracle had called in deep space. Khrone, in his guise as Guild Administrator, had found out about the secret project, surrounded Edrik's heighliner, took the Ultraspice, disembarked, and then killed Edrik as he destroyed his vessel.

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