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This page explains how to create numbered footnotes and references using <ref>,</ref>, and <references/> syntax, which is the current best-practice method in most circumstances. The Dune Wiki does not enforce referencing, but in a long article that may include hints from many books or interviews referencing is a useful tool to keep track of your sources without constantly explaining in the article itself.

Inserting references or footnotesEdit

References need to be inserted in Wikitext (code view), this is found on the far right of the Rich Text editor's toolbar ("View Wikitext").

Single citation of a reference or footnoteEdit

At the point of citation in the article, enter the footnote or reference like this:

<ref>God Emperor of Dune</ref>

You can include formatting and links in the footnote or reference in the usual way. The reference will become visible in the <references/> list at the bottom, if there is one.

Creating the list of References or FootnotesEdit

At the point where you want the text of the footnotes or references to appear (usually at the end of the article in a Notes or References section), insert the tag:


Multiple citations of the same reference or footnoteEdit

To cite the same reference or footnote several times, identify it using the name parameter of the <ref> tag.

At one of the citation points (it makes sense to choose the first), enter the reference like this:

<ref name="GEOD">God Emperor of Dune</ref>

Then at all the other citation points, just enter:

<ref name="GEOD"/>

You are free to pick any footnote name, subject to a few rules. the footnote name is internal and will not be displayed anywhere when the page is viewed. Footnote names are case sensitive and may not be a numeric integer. The quotes are optional unless the name or group includes a space, punctuation or other mark. Names and groups should be kept simple and restricted to the standard English alphabet and numerals.


The Baron was a seeker of sensations [1]


  1. God Emperor of Dune


Sometimes errors will appear as large red text. They can usually be traced to a mis-typed tag.

This article is based largely on the Wikipedia article on Help:Footnotes.

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