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Demetrios Atreides (d. 58 BG) was a junior officer serving under Sheuset Ecevit against the Landsraad, enlisted as a Sardaukar Auxiliary in the Sixth Draco Wing, representing Mockmuhl Cluster which could have been his homeweorld.

During the Battle of Corrin, Demetrios was the gunnery officer on Lu-ta and after all the senior officers were killed early in the 3-day battle[1], he assumed command of the vessel.

After Abulurd Harkonnen deserted the battle, Sulaiman al-Hajj Kunaitra threatened to turn Sheuset Costin's left flank. Atreides rallied Costin's forces and led an attack that took Kunaitra by surprise. His ship was damaged and himself killed.

Historians claim that this action was the key turning point of the struggle and Atreides was ennobled as Baron Tantalos by Emperor Sheuset I. He was given large estates on Enskog in 86 BG.

He had three sons: Pausanias Atreides, Theseus Atreides and Konstantinos Atreides. On his death, Pausanias succeeded to the Barony


  1. According to the CORRIN, BATTLE OF entry, the battle lasted only 2 hours


Preceded by
Baron of Tantalos
86 BG-58 BG
Succeeded by
Pausanias Atreides

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