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Dune computer game
This article or section refers to elements from one of the Dune computer games.

A large, ballistic, atomic missile that is launched from a designated silo (no road mobil variant is known). The Missile is associated (even recognized as a signature super weapon) of House Harkonnen. The missile is constructed, maintened, and launched from the palace (of Harkonnen or Sardaukar design) to any place in the battle theater, sending a large powerfull blast with some version sporting poisonous or radiating "additionals". It is suspected that the missile is a smaller type of a stone burner device (in which if correct would be the proof of Harkonnen's foul play).

The missile is unstoppable, and delivering a large blast firepower to its target, but in Dune II it is quite inaccurate. It is classified as a Theater Ballistic Missile. To acquire the missile, Harkonnen's commander is required to build Harkonnen's Palace and wait for the missile's preparation.

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