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2008 Edit


  • April 5th: According to Science Fiction and Fantasy Media, a new big budget Dune movie is in the works by Paramount Studios. It will be directed by Peter Berg and aspires to be a "faithful adaptation" of the original novel. You can read more about it here, or on this wiki page.


  • February 11th: Dune Wiki has done away with the non-canon and canon labels. Content is now to be marked Original Dune or Expanded Dune.

2007 Edit

May Edit

  • May 18th: Dune Wiki article count hits 600, with the Cave of Ridges article.

February Edit

  • February 12th: Dune Wiki article count hits 500, with the Dimela article.

2006 Edit

November Edit

  • November 14th: Dune Wiki article count hits 400, with the Slavery article.

August Edit

July Edit

  • July 14th: Voting for a new featured article begins on the Dune Wiki.
  • July 12th: Dune Wiki article count hits 200.

2005 Edit

August Edit

  • August 30th: The Battle of Corrin is release in North America as paperback
  • August 26th: Dune Wiki is created

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