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Alia Atreides/DE was worshipped during her life, as a reflected image of Muad'dib, carrying on his work. But after her death she was worshipped as a divine godhead of her own. Her title as "The Womb of Heaven" was adopted by the Cults as a far more hallowed connotation (her lesser titles were discarded).

The followers of Alia followed The Book of Alia.

The first recorded Cult of Alia was established in Arrakeen/DE in 10970 during the rule of Leto II/DE, perhaps as a reaction against his rule: worshipping an older, dead goddess, was a form of rebellion against a new deity who would outlive humanity's posterity. The heresy was not encouraged and should any membership got back to one of Leto's priestes, the consequences could be dangerous.[1]

References and notesEdit

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