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Dune computer game
This article or section refers to elements from one of the Dune computer games.

Copec Harkonnen is the eldest son of Baron Rakan Harkonnen and is na-Baron by default. He has inherited his father's appetites, but not his patience or cunning.

Civil WarEdit

After Rakan dies, there is a civil war with his brother. There are two possible futures depicted in the game, depending on how the player chooses.

If the player chooses to support Gunseng over Copec, Gunseng becomes the Baron. If House Harkonnen wins the game, Gunseng becomes Padishah-Emperor. Copec spends the rest of his miserable existence in a torture chair made to Gunseng's specifications.

If the player chooses to support Copec, Copec becomes the Baron and Gunseng is placed in the very torture chair he intended for Copec. If House Harkonnen wins the game, Copec becomes Padishah-Emperor and leads humanity on a path of cruelty and terror. The player becomes the power behind the throne and amasses great wealth, becoming famed throughout recorded history.

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