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Reverend Mother Cassius Ida Treac was the Director of Educational Analysis at the Bene Gesserit Archives.

Treac primarily compares the philosophy of ancient and modern techniques, noting that training programs in the Archives refer obliquely to apparently the same sources Voice Glenna discusses. Also, Treac notes that the implantation of chapter houses within educational institutions was continued by the Bene Gesserit into the empire. We surmise that such an activity may still prevail today. But Treac takes this opportunity to dispel a longstanding folk myth: "Neither our records nor the Book of the Voices links the Bene Gesserit in any way with Terran-based, male-oriented educational institutions administered by the ancient Jhesuits, no matter what the records of the Holy Church purport. If anything, the Book of the Voices indicates that the male group derived some: of its educational techniques and principles from the Bene Gesserit, not the other way around." Treac's


Treac wrote a complete analysis of the Voices titled "New Views of an Old System", published inArchives Quarterly Review 15 (pp.199-253). With Ahna Judehic she wrote The Roots of Tomorrow (Wallach: Soror).

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