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Caree Debrak was a rebel Honored Matres who, for seven years, had agreed to, and been a follower of, Mother Commander Murbella of the New Sisterhood, during the advent of Kralizec.

Joins the RebelsEdit

Over the course of the union of the Bene Gesserit and the Honored Matres into the New Sisterhood, Debrak had studied at the Chapterhouse Keep, the ways of becoming a Reverend Mother. However, just days before being readied to undergo the Spice agony, Debrak disappeared into the wilds of Chapterhouse and joined the rebel Matre group there, which still existed, and been formed by Annine, years earlier.

As Murbella realized that all rebel Honored Matres groups in the human-kind space had to be eliminated before the arrival of the Great Outside Enemy, Murbella decided that the rebel group on Chapterhouse would be the first to be eliminated. Murbella, assisted by her daughter, Janess Idaho, and Bashar Wikki Aztin; led the attack by ornithopter on the lightly defended outpost settlement.

Death on ChapterhouseEdit

At first Murbella was going to offer the rebel Matres the chance to re-join the Sisterhood, but when she saw the ferocity in which they defended themselves with fazee rifles, Murbella understood that Debrak and her compatriots had to die. Murbella ordered Idaho and Aztin to kill Debrak, all of the rest of the women and their subordinate men by air, and razed their outpost to the ground.

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