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Canopus B is a white hole near Canopus in the Starspen galaxy . Its age is unknown, but probably dates to the galactic origin.

Canopus and Canopus B are gravitationally bound and mutually orbit each other every 5.1 days. The ratio of the mass of Canopus to Canopus B is very high, 11520 to 1, with the center of mass of the binary system 79,000 km below the photosphere of Canopus. The mass of Canopus B and mass ratio explain why Canopus B passes within 40 km of the photosphere of Canopus at the near point of the orbit.

It was discovered by coincidence by Ravan in 14491 AG during an investigation of the region near planet Seban. Ravan observed and recorded a slender thread of coronal material spiraling upward along distorted magnetic-field lines, terminated at 25,000 km above the surface of Canopus. The coronal thread was originating from Canopus B, a brilliant, white object less than 12,000 meters in diameter and that the material flow was not upward but downward toward Canopus.


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