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Mixed Canonicity: This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

The Buddislamic faith was a broad, high-level belief system and cultural tradition that evolved through the joining of two ancient religions of Old Earth: Zen Buddhism and Islam.

Subgroups Edit

Within the known universe the Buddislamic tradition is broken into three sub-groups:

The Zenshiite subgroup was, during the Butlerian Jihad, a relative equal to Zensunni in popularity. However, over the subsequent millennia it faded, possibly out of existence. ==References and notes==

The Zensunni subgroup was historically the most commonly practiced. For a long time, it was marginalized and limited to groups such as the Fremen of Arrakis. However, the rise of Paul Atreides to Padishah Emperor, and his subsequent jihad, saw an explosion in its popularity.

The Zensufi subgroup was a lesser practiced tradition that survived mainly through the isolationist Bene Tleilax.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Zenshiite faith is not explicitly mentioned by Frank Herbert in his original novels. It is, however, regarded as relatively popular among the wider Buddislamic faith in the Legends of Dune novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. In these stories it is portrayed as a more forceful and aggressive alternative to the Zensunni religion.

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