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Borys [d. 108 BG] was a Ginaz Swordmaster, who followed the teaching of Jool Noret and was trained with Chirox.

In 129 BG he participated in a Battle at Ularda where he and his fellow Swordmasters were captured and enslaved. He was transferred to Quadra.

By 21 years later, he was the last to remain alive from his former team. Borys had never stopped spreading his plans among the cowed humans, gauging the other prisoners. He had carefully culled out those willing to fight for their freedom, separating them from the captives too fearful to risk harm. By now, his handpicked lieutenants were dispersed across Quadra.

When the Great Purge fleet came to the planet and begun to assault the orbiting stations, Borys and the slaves saw hope and begun their long planned instigation, sabotaging the machinery and attack the robots. Borys used metal clubs and electrical discharges; he wrecked automated machinery, overloaded generators and worked with a team to blow up a secondary command center.

When he finally reached a functioning communication system, Borys transmitted their need to the League fleet, begging for rescue. When he saw the kindjal bombers sweeping over his head and launching the pulse-atomics, he realized they were here not for rescue, but to destroy Omnius.

His last thought was that he finally died fighting.


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