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The technical revolution initiated by the Holtzman Effect saw the return of hand-to-hand combat to the battlefields of the Imperium.The unpredictable interaction of a lasgun beam and a Holtzman field forced the military of the empire to develope new techniques of in shield fighting which included new styles of fencing and knife fighting. Still the use of projectile weapons such as Dartguns or tiny projectors of needles were common but the more effective combat method was the effective use of blade weapons.

Long blades as well as short blades were used in shield-fighting, but commonly short blades were seen as more effective by experienced swordsmen. Blades were mostly forged of plasteel or Damasteel and could take different forms and designs.

Known designsEdit

Long BladesEdit

  • Long sword
  • Rapier
  • Sardaukar Sword
  • Saw knife

Short BladesEdit

Expanded DuneEdit

Known DesignsEdit

  • Assassination Blade
  • Ceremonial Blade
  • Dagger
    • Long Dagger
      • dueling dagger
    • Short Dagger
    • Stun-dagger
  • Hexagonal Blades
  • Knives
    • Curved Knife
    • Fishing Knife
    • Lasknife
    • Makeshift-knife
      • Scrap-metal knife
    • Shellfish Knife
    • Spatula-Knife
    • Wire-knife
    • Neuroknife
    • Razorknife
    • Robot-Knife
    • Work blade
      • Cutter Blades
      • Saw Blade
  • Nanoblade
  • Ponta Neuroknife
  • Pulse-sword
  • Swords
    • Harkonnen sword
    • Katana
    • Short Sword
      • Barbed short sword
      • sardaukar short fighting sword
    • Long sword
      • Broad sword
      • Electronic sword
      • Fencing sword
      • Two-handed sword
      • Heavy sword
      • Ceremonial sword
    • Rapier
    • Wooden sword
      • Training sword

Famous BladesEdit

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