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Original Dune
This article or section refers to elements from Original Dune.

Bi-lal kaifa is a ritual intonation of the Fremen.


"Bi-lal kaifa", in Chakobsa, translates to "without qualification".


It is used similarly to the Christian "Amen!" or the Battlestar Galactica "So say we all!".

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bi-lal kaifa is Arabic, بلا كيف, literally: 'Nothing further need be explained.' In Islamic theological discourse, it refers to an ancient dispute on the attributes of God (e.g. face, hand, ...etc.), and how different groups interpreted them. The traditionalists chose to accept them as is, 'without how'. The rationalists (e.g. Mu'tazili) chose to interpret them allegorically. The phrase Bi-La Kaifa means "without a how". This term is not used often in modern times, except in theological circles. It is amazing that Frank Herbert would be exposed to this term, and make use of it.[1]

Another possible literal definition could be "Any other explanation is useless".

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