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Avelard II born Avelard Mustami was the ruler during the Regency period, succeeding Juan Borges, perhaps by election. Around his time the Imperium saw unprecedented economic growth, particularly under his rule.

The demands of the Imperium wanted the Mentats to expand its training program and alter the size, pace or quality of the Order's training efforts. Under severe political pressure Avelard was about to sending troops to Tleilax to force this decision. The troops were composed of united Sardaukar and Landsraad strength

Proctor Makarfo Bonn resisted the demands. Finally Avelard was persuaded that neither Imperium, CHOAM, nor Landsraad would gain from 'watered-down' Mentat training.

After the crisis, the Tleilaxu claimed part credit for Avelard's forbearance; they released the news that they had threatened to resist the invasion with force (this claim has met with uniform skepticism if one considers the strength of the troops against the Tleilaxu)

He was succeeded by his wife, Maria Mustami.

Preceded by
Juan Borges
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe

1624 AG-1647 AG
Succeeded by
Maria I

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