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Count Atreus Atreides Atreides (4498 AG-4641 AG) was a descendant of Emperor Estil I (in the female line) and the first ruler of the House of Atreus Corrino.

He rallied the Sardaukar around his claims and mounted a coup d'état in early 4552 AG proclaiming himself emperor, ending the First Republic.

He appointed his Cousine Duke Pausanias VIII Atreides as Siridar Duke of Gallatin and lesser titles to other members of his family.

He made serious attempt to reform the bureaucracy and merge the institutions and reforms of the First Republic with the old imperial structure. However these reforms lasted while he was on the throne.

He was succeeded by his son, Mikael II.

Preceded by
Costin IX
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
4552 AG - 4641 AG
Succeeded by
Mikael II

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