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The Age of Ten Thousand Emperors or the Great Dark Ages (11100 BG - 7562 BG) was an obscure period of ancient human history.

Historians consider the beginning of that period as 11100 BG, five years after the destruction of Ceres and the Age of Pretenders. Perhaps the Age of the Emperors was called like that because humanity was not united, but each planet had its own Emperor. By its name we can suppose that humanity was spread to almost 10000 planets, although the number must be a figure of speech.

That Age saw the Thinkers' Rebellion (7600 BG), perhaps against emperor Neweh, the birth of Ibrahim Vaughn Holtzman (7593 BG) and the invention of the ornithopter (7585 BG).

The Age ended when Holtzman revealed his Holtzman Effect theories to six planetary systems, resulting in the Wars of Reunification; these in turn eventually set the stage for the Empire of Ten Thousand Worlds and the First Golden Age, two millennia later.


Preceded by
Age of Pretenders
Events and Periods of History
11100 BG - 7562 BG
Succeeded by
Wars of Reunification

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