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Abulurd Rabban, formerly known as Abulurd Harkonnen, was the son of Baron Dmitri Harkonnen and his wife Daphne Harkonnen. He was the half-brother of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Early YearsEdit

Abulurd was the preferred son of his father, and was granted control of House Harkonnen upon his death. Specifically, he gained control of the Arrakis fief, and took over daily spice operations on behalf of Padishah Emperor Elrood IX.

Peaceful and soft-hearted Abulurd lacked the drive and brutality common with his Harkonnen relatives, and after a disastrous spell on Arrakis that saw spice production shrink and disorder and corruption increase, his responsibilities were passed to his older half-brother, Vladimir. Abulurd was sent in disgrace to Lankiveil near Tula Fjord, where he was the planetary governor, and supervised the low-maintenance, self-sustaining whale fur trade.

Life and Death on LankiveilEdit

Abulurd was good-hearted and allowing locals and strangers to wander into his mansion. He also requested that servants and workers should eat the same meals with him, on the same tables. He had gray-blond hair, long to his shoulders, and a seamed, ruddy face.

After Vladimir's rise to power, Abulurd became disgusted with the brutal methods of his half-brother, and petitioned the Landsraad to let him adopt the lastname of Rabban, the maiden name of his wife Emmi Rabban. Abulurd and Emmi had two sons together, Glossu and Feyd. Unfortunately for Abulurd, both his sons were taken into the Harkonnen household.

Due to Vladimir's sexual aversion to women, and his need for an heir more capable that the brutish Glossu, the Baron audaciously kidnapped Feyd, Abulurd's infant son, from Lankiveil. Infuriated, Abulurd sought a means of revenge, and found it when he discovered that Vladimir had been secretly using Lankiveil as a personal store of smuggled spice. Abulurd gained retribution by giving away the illegally gained spice to the people of Lankiveil. Enraged by his action, Abulurd's son Glossu strangled his own father to death, thereby earning the name "The Beast Rabban".


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