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Bashar Abulurd Harkonnen was the son of Harkonnen Obeshev and demibrother of Ivan Harkonnen. He was banished for cowardice after the Battle of Corrin.


Abulurd was affiliated with the Sardaukar from Salusa Secundus under Sheuset Ecevit. He served as a Bashar when Ecevit rebelled against the Landsraad. However Abulurd was accused for betraying him; he was considered responsible that the Landsraad High Council learned of Ecevit's military plans.

The Landsraad set an ambush for his fleet to stop Sheuset, and this resulted in the Battle of Corrin, during the first minute of which, Abulurd fled.

After Sheuset's victory and ascendancy to the throne, House Harkonnen lost its honor. But because of Harkonnen's close relationship with the now-royal family, he was spared execution; however, he was stripped by rank, titles and his Dahkotah mining interests and his family were banished from the Imperium indefinitely. Abulurd Harkonnen blamed Demetrios Atreides for his disgrace, and vowed vengeance for himself and for his house.


This accusation brought the millennia long feud between Harkonnen and Atreides.

Yevgeny Harkonnen was his descendant. Abulurd was also a direct ancestor of Vladimir Harkonnen


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