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The Dune Encyclopedia
This article or section refers to elements that appear exclusively in The Dune Encyclopedia.

  • Henoor III dies without immediate heirs.
  • Abulurd VI Harkonnen bribes Sardaukar commander, Nadab Nadar, to institute a popular "draft" of Harkonnen over the other possible and potential successors among the Corrino Cousines. Others follow his example and civil war seemed certain.
  • To remedy the situation, Count Philippos Atreides proposes to form and control a Regency while they sort out the various contentions of the heirs and to settle the opposing claims.
  • Philippos and Abulurd fight in a kanly and Philippos emerges victorious
  • Landsraad president Sa'ad Khumali is elected to rule as Emperor, the first of the Regency period

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